Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War has arrived in Orlando to ruin report cards and relationships

Brace yourselves. The latest Call Of Duty title will be available for download in Orlando tonight.

If you’re familiar with the legendary video game franchise, you know how much of a big deal this is. The first person shooter has captured captivated gamers of all ages, by offering fast paced game play and a robust multi player cross platform following that ensures everyone is in front of their screen for hours at a time.

Book the couple therapy sessions and schedule the summer school classes now. Those sick days ain’t going to spend themselves.

The latest edition transports us back to the ancient 1980s during the cold war where the United States was dueling the Soviet Union for global supremacy, long before they were ever tampering in our elections. There will also be new maps such as a Miami Vice environment, along with a battle at sea arrangement that have already garnered high praise among those want to relive the exotic beauty of Scarface and pirate invastions.

And then, in a true stroke of realism, you’ll be able to fend off zombies like previous Call Of Duty Black Op games.

The twist for Activision here is that many people are still hooked on Call Of Duty Warzone, which is free to play and will be integrated in some ways with Cold War.

Don’t be fooled by the word “free”. This franchised has banked over $1.5 billion over the past year in microtransactions and other add ons to enhance game play.

And all of this is coming to your house tonight. If it’s not there already.

As for Orlando-centric info. These games are particularly popular in the sunshine state and during a pandemic. We’ve also got two new next generation consoles that have dropped this week. That’s a lot of Orlando families spending a fortune on this stuff.

Prepare yourself.

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