The Masked Singer: Fun Double Elimination manages to show up NBA Draft


It was a wild show on a busy night, but the Masked Singer on a double elimination show managed to once again show up the programming competition on one end, and fire up a social media controversy on another.

The first reveal of the night was the Whatchamcallit Mask and it was a direct connection with the NBA Draft airing at the exact time.

Whatchamcallit turned out to be none other than Lonzo Ball. The New Orleans Pelicans guard was revealed shortly after his brother LaMelo was drafted by Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets just a few channels down the dial.

When they do the math, it might actually be possible that Lonzo had more eyes on him tonight.

With the second reveal of the night, social media managed to get pretty upset at the elimination of The Serpent Mask. And their frustration was warranted. He was great.

The Serpent was revealed to be Dr. Elvis, the singing surgeon who has raised money during the pandemic in addition to his normal heroic duties.

He was given a heroes send off with salutes from all of the judges and sang the broadcast off of the air.

The Seahorse was also impressive. And she sounded exactly like Britney Spears during her “cover”. But the popular guesses included Jessica Simpson and Tori Kelly.

Many people thought it was the Crocodile Mask that should have gone home tonight but he survived further aggravating fans online. Some of the guesses included Justin Guarini, Jordan Knight, and Jared Leto.

It was a fun show and we’ll all see you here next week!

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