Dancing With The Stars Finale Preview: Who should win, and who will win

The Dancing With The Stars Season 29 finale is tonight. And in what has been both a fun and controversial season, we are down to our final four contestants.

Rapper, Nelly

Kaitlyn Bristowe, from The Bachelor

Talk Show Host, Nev Schulman

Justina Machado, Actress, One Day At A Time

Who do I want to win?: Nelly was my official pick, after The Real host, Jeannie Mai, had to leave because of illness. I know he’s the least qualified in this field but I’m sticking with him.

Who should win?:If we’re being technical, it should be Nev Schulman. Really, he has been the most consistent, even more than the awesome Kaitlyn Bristowe, who is the easy second choice here. Nev was the faster learner and it always seems like he’s doing the more complicated routines. He deserves it the most.

Who will win?: It will be Kaitlyn Bristowe. ABC loves their Bachelor stars (with those ratings, why shouldn’t they?) and there are a lot of crossover viewers like myself who watch both. But really, Kaitlyn has been an ace here and we’ve been hooked on the drama with her and judge Carrie Ann Inaba. To Carrie’s credit, she has been very gracious for a few of weeks now. I think Bristowe will take the trophy.

The Darkhorse: Will be Machado, who has gotten better as the season has progressed. She could surprise tonight.

Some other notes:

– Nelly will be performing after he also entertained an ABC prime time audience last night at the American Music Awards.

– Jeannie Mai is expected to return tonight for an appearance after having to leave the competition after being hospitalized with a serious, but non Coronavirus related illness.

Keep an eye on Tyra Banks: Fans have given her a frosty welcome since taking over for Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. I think she’s gotten better as the shows have gotten less crowded but she still has a lot of fans to win over.

See you tonight!

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