AEW Dynamite: The Women’s Division leveled up tonight

Great episode of AEW Dynamite tonight ahead of our Thanksgiving celebration.

My favorite match of the broadcast had to be the Women’s Championship match between Hikaru Shida and Anna Jay. Some great drama there. Tay Conti, who has done some excellent storytelling with Jay building up their friendship on social media together wouldn’t give her friend the steel chair to finish the job on the champion. That’s when my boy John Silver snuck Jay the kendo stick, and for a moment there, I actually thought Jay was going to win. But it’s not her time yet and Shida is a good champion.

The takeaway? John Silver is a better friend than Tay Conti.

Then you had Abadon come back and lick the title in front of Shida and marking her for defeat. Those two will have another great match. It was all good TV.

You pile that on to all of the strong stuff we saw on Dark from the women’s division and they’re having their best week in a long, long time. And you’ve still got Britt Baker and Nyla Rose out there. Excellent stuff.

Other highlights:

– I’m loving this Inner Circle dynamic with MJF and Wardlow added to the mix. He helped Jericho and Hager win tonight, but at the same time MJF is also a liability. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

– Moxley and Omega were putting on theater tonight. I thought the champion crashing Omega’s entrance was beautiful. Go back and watch that video and keep an eye on the broom girl. She keeps dancing for a moment after the craziness starts. Little touches that make it even more fun.

– The Tazz and Cody showdown was wonderful. And you throw in the rest of that Tazz team and they’re a great menace to all of AEW. Give Tazz someone in the women’s division too. That is a strong faction.

Winter is coming next week and you know I’ll be there.

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