The Mandalorian: “The Jedi” gives us a rare episode of perfect television


It’s not often these days when an episode of perfect television comes along. But every fan of the Mandalorian and really, the Star Wars Universe, received an early Christmas gift with the it’s most recent episode. “The Jedi”.

And with a title like that, you had better give us some strong content.

Director David Filoni did just that and even more.

This planet which served as the backdrop for meeting some important people in the Star Wars mythology, was the best looking world I’ve seen in recent memory. I wanted to get that out of the way because the guys behind the scenes don’t get enough credit for doing this kind of work.

Rosario Dawson was perfect as Ashoka Tano. I’m usually skeptical of actors who span multiple major franchises because they tend to “phone it in”, but I couldn’t imagine anyone doing a better job here. The lightsaber play and everything about her look and mannerisms was the perfect progression of the character we all knew in the animated “Clone Wars” series.

The action was top notch as usual. The fight between the Mandalorian and Ashoka in the beginning. The final two front showdown at the end of the episode, with action movie legend, Michael Biehn serving as our bad guy gunfighter was wonderful.

And finally, real story progression. The Child’s name is Grogu. And really show runners could have made us wait another year for this episode but they ran it out now. And boy, it’s great to see everyone grateful for it.

Believe the hype. This was the best episode yet.

And I can’t wait to see one of my childhood favorites. Grand Admiral Thrawn. If you don’t know, you’d better act like you know. He is a game changer for sure.

Great television that warrants repeat viewings. A perfect episode.

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