The Mandalorian: Luke Skywalker, and the irony in Ashoka’s decision with Grogu

Real fast. If you haven’t watched “The Jedi” episode of the “Mandalorian”, give it a look. It is rare perfect television and wonderful from beginning to end (story HERE).

Let’s talk about Ashoka’s decision not to train Grogu (or Baby Yoda, more on that HERE). Creatively, it was a brilliant decision that throws the story into an unpredictable but exciting course for our two heroes, as they travel to this ancient Jedi temple.

And emotionally, you can’t blame Ashoka for playing it safe. After the traumatizing events involving Anakin Skywalker and how powerful the original Yoda was, a dangerous Grogu could potentially destroy the galaxy.

But when I was watching Rosario Dawson (who was excellent by the way) explain her decision. I asked myself…

If she would have seen what Yoda did with Luke Skywalker, could it have changed her mind?

From a human scale, Luke was much more volatile than Grogu. But Yoda. The original Yoda. Decided to train him anyways.

That seems to have worked out.

But we have to remind ourselves that Ashoka didn’t know anything about Yoda training Luke. And perhaps she has doubts about her ability to train Grogu. We don’t know.

What I do know is that there is an irony in Yoda taking the chance on Luke Skywalker that Ashoka didn’t take with Grogu. The only other one of his kind that we’ve seen in Star Wars.

Then again. Yoda probably knew he was on his way out by this point, and he could also foresee that Skywalker would succeed.

And one more point. There are many fans that believe the series will end with Luke Skywalker discovering Grogu.

In closing, I can tell you. These are not complaints. Quite the opposite. I wish we had more television with parallel lines that made us think this much.

Great stuff.

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