The Chicago Bears should “blow it up”, but here is why going after Eric Bieniemy makes no sense

Chicago Bears fans are frustrated. And who can blame them after a blowout loss to the rival Green Bay Packers here at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football?

There are calls to “blow it up”. Start over. Trade the assets for draft picks and just start building from the ground up again.

But before you can do that you have to fire Matt Nagy. I’m sure a lot of Bears fans won’t have a problem with that.

That brings us to the question. Who should be the next Head Coach of the Chicago Bears?

And you can’t say Eric Bieniemy.

Why? Because Eric Bieniemy is currently the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid.

Where did we get Matt Nagy? Well, he was an Offensive Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Reid.

Are you prepared to potentially make the same mistake twice? This is a big question because Bieniemy is going to have a head coach gig somewhere whenever he wants it. He’s got a great gig now coaching Patrick Mahomes on a SuperBowl Championship winning team and they might very well do it again.

The Bears also won’t be the only team going after him. He could end up in the same division as Chicago and Green Bay, where this blog is published. The Detroit Lions are said to be interested.

If the Bears wanted some honest targets that wouldn’t make it look like they were making the same mistake twice, they could try to lure Lincoln Riley away from Oklahoma to coach whoever will replace Mitchell Trubisky, or they could go back to “Bear ball” with the defensive minded Robert Saleh, the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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