The Bachelorette: Social Media can’t decide if they love or hate Bennett anymore

The Bachelorette certainly kept it’s audience guessing tonight with an emotional challenge, an “out of the blue” elimination, and a showdown between two of this season’s most heated rivals.

Some of the takeaways:

Losing Chris Harrison (while he handled personal duties) for a spell in favor of JoJo Fletcher, changed the dynamic a bit but it was interesting. And little twists like those keep the energy going.

Then there was the sudden Eazy elimination that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Was the chemistry a little off? Did he get a little too frightened during their date? We’ll never know. But it was a startling turn of events with a contender for our Bachelorette’s heart many expected would go much further.

Finally, there was the showdown between Noah and Bennett before their “Thunderdome” discusion with Tayshia. This had been boiling for weeks now. And while the crowd might have been rooting for Bennett heading into the impromptu ceremony, the insulting gift ceremony that dissed everything about Noah, from his mustache, to his emotional intelligence, might have been going too far. He lost a lot of pull tonight

He was a fan favorite but now what is he? Social media is unsure.

Either way, it was a solid show and given the previews for next week, we’re going to get a running start. Great cliffhanger tonight.

And you know we’ll all be there. Wow.

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