Here are the funniest tweets about Miro during his rampage on AEW Dynamite last night

In case you missed it, Miro showed up in the final minutes of AEW Dynamite last night and wrecked half of the roster along with some of the staff, making an impression on fans everywhere.

This dude isn’t playing.

Social media certainly had a lot to say about the former Rusev’s onslaught last night. And while many of these are goofing on his clothes, make no mistake, it was great wrestling television.

And this was the kind of Miro a lot of people wanted. AEW has a lot of monsters on the shelf, but to see them truly unleash one of them was a really good show. Not to mention that the segment was already a winner with the brawl between the Inner Circle and The Best Friends (and friends).

Excellent stuff. We’ll all be here again next week.

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