The Masked Singer: If Leann Rimes isn’t the Sun Mask, we’re all going to look stupid

As the Masked Singer season finale moves near, I’ve never heard an audience so confident as the one I’m hearing right now.

Your winner is the Sun Mask. And the Sun Mask is Leann Rimes.

Some background. The Sun has indeed been one of the all time favorites on the show, belting out hit after hit, and impressing both the judges and the audience at home every time. She has just been a joy to listen to. It has to be a professional.


Let’s take a step back and think for a moment that it might not be a pro. That would be completely wild. To think that it may be an athlete or a show host, or some YouTuber, that would be completely unexpected.

But it’s probably Leann Rimes.

The irony here is that the popular second guess for the sun turned out to be an actual other singer this season, and that was Tori Kelley as the Jellyfish. She was also impressive, and she genuinely threw herself into the performance. We’re seeing that from the Sun as well.

And the audience should be concerned if they’re wrong. And show runners should be proud.

What a swerve that would be to prove the social media gawkers and the TV bloggers were wrong this time. To prove that there was nothing behind the online rumors.

That wouldn’t be a victory for just the Masked Singer, but for all shows that try so desperately to avoid leaks when they’re just a tweet away.

But let’s be real. It’s probably Leann Rimes.


See you tonight!

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