Trending: The Masked Singer finale reveals were well guessed by fans in advance

The finale of the fourth season of the Masked Singer aired tonight and the final reveals gave us almost exactly what fans were expecting heading into the evening. It was still a fun show though and like the rest of the season, it just moved so quickly.

Crocodile was the first to go and both fans and judge, Jenny McCarthy, guessed correctly that it was Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Still, while some people didn’t believe Carter was strong enough to make the finals, he made for a great sport in the finale.

And if you’re keeping track at home, that’s two Backstreet Boys on reality shows this season if you include AJ McLean on Dancing with the Stars last month.

It was then time to announce the winner of the Golden Mask. And yes, the Sun won.

And it was hard to argue the decision. She was just great coast to coast, and her inspirational personal development won over viewers.

That meant it was time for the viewers to discover who the Mushroom was annnnd…

It was “The Man” Aloe Blacc, and the fans tracked this one late. There weren’t a lot of guesses for Blacc early in the season but the more the viewers got to hear him, he started to become a trendy pick. It wasn’t a slam dunk guess though.

Finally, we came to our glorious Sun. She was also my personal favorite this season.

And all of you had her tagged since about a month and half back. Judge Nichole Scherzinger caught on before the reveal annnnd..

It was Leann Rimes.

It was hard to disguise that spiritual voice, and there were leaks that had people suspicious that it could be the former pop princess. And they were right. Her journey was still a joy to watch an honestly she just rocked every performance.

By the way, Jenny McCarthy won the golden ear among the judges.

Whew! What a season.

Masked Singer fans, don’t dread this end. Because in a couple of weeks, we’re getting The Masked Dancer with host Craig Robinson and judges, Paula Abdul, Ashley Tisdale, Brian Austin Green, and of course, Ken Jeong. It looks like it could be just as much fun as this season we just witnessed of it’s predecessor.

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