The Mandalorian: After near perfection Din’s story shouldn’t continue

Where do we go from here?

That’s what I remember asking myself after the season two finale of the “The Mandalorian”, where the story arc of Din Djarin and Grogu ended in the most grandest ways possible.

But we’re getting a season 3.

And I don’t think we should.

Be honest. What are the chance Jon Favreau and company really top what we just saw last week?

The answer is very unlikely.

We got to see Luke Skywalker in his prime mowing down Dark Troopers. We had our Moff Gideon vs. Din showdown. And we had one of the most touching good byes in pop culture history that turned everyone into puddles.

I refuse to say “jump the shark” because the whole show has been shark. Rosario Dawson, Bill Burr, and Timothy Olyphant, all crushed their parts. Even detour episodes were better than almost everything else on TV this year.

Honestly, why continue?

Especially since we have so many other movies and television series projects on the way.

It would just be so unfortunate for the haters to look back and say “Man, it was all down hill after season 2.”

We’re also getting “The Book Of Boba Fett” which will have many of the same moving parts.

I understand this is not a very easy ask. But I’m telling everyone, the ride could end now and it would still be one of the best Star Wars stories ever told.

That is an option. We could do that and it would be great.

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