Trending: NBA fans brace for James Harden drama to roll into regular season

A sulking James Harden seems like it could drag an entire locker room of professional athletes into the depths of a basketball depression unlike anything we could possibly imagine.

And it looks like the Houston Rockets are headed in that direction. And NBA fans know this on the eve of the beginning of the regular season.

“Next question” was a stone cold response from Harden during a presser when asked if he felt any better about the situation on the team after reporting for camp, despite an epic push to be traded.

Now the drama continues.

Before we get to the reactions, Harden was trending outside of the top ten on a busy afternoon for news, but will be one of the biggest storylines heading into the start of the NBA season…

There is a possibility some deal could get done. But there hasn’t been any news that it will happen before Wednesday’s opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who took the Rockets to the limit in last season’s playoffs

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