No, Tom Brady’s response to the Tony Dungy diss did not make any sense

Apparently a come-back burn on social media doesn’t have to be accurate to be popular.

Exhibit A is Tom Brady responding to former Indianapolis Coach turned analyst for NBC, Tony Dungy, with a photo of a Colts banner saying “2014 AFC Finalist”. This, after Dungy placed Brady 6th on his list of toughest quarterback’s he’s ever faced.

Dungy stopped coaching the Colts in 2008. But Internet went nuts anyways…

Not everyone went completely ga-ga over the tweet. Some were smart enough to make the connection.

It’s not a huge deal, and I was actually on Brady’s side during his epic duels with Peyton Manning.

But the fact that so many people aren’t remembering the inaccuracy of the clap back and the fact that it’s still trending is cause for some concern.

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