VA must get COVID 19 vaccine to vets overseas, including the Philippines

Disturbing news in Stars and Stripes today reporting that United States veterans living in foreign territories like the Philippines won’t be getting the COVID 19 vaccine. This as the vaccine is already being deployed to personnel and eligible parties in the country as you read this.

Furthermore, the VA says it has no plans to distribute the vaccine to vets in foreign territories.

That’s just nonsense.

For many veterans, who defend this country all over the world, there are some who build lives for themselves in areas where they served. This includes getting married and having kids.

That doesn’t make their service any less important than those who do return to the states after their obligation is met.

In fact, there is an excellent chance you know a vet, or a military brat who may have been born overseas or lived in a foreign country for a time.

They’ve still got ID stating an undeniable fact.

They’re Americans. Just like you and me.

And the nerve for any government agency o deprive them of a vaccine for this pandemic isn’t just wrong. It’s ridiculously cruel.

The possibility of a veterans dying from COVID 19 due to VA red tape is an avoidable tragedy.

We need our elected leaders to step in and get this vaccine to them. Every infection is a terrible disservice to those who risked their lives for us, and could now get sick because of a foolish and deadly rule.

Fix it. Get our veterans the vaccine. And end this unneeded threat to our heroes.

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