Even during a pandemic, paperwork is never an excuse to delay veteran burials

One of the greatest honors of my life was my time serving in the Army as a non commissioned officer in charge of a regular funeral detail. To perform a sacred ceremony with my brothers and sisters in front of a hero’s family, and handing that flag over to a member of that family is what honoring our bravest is all about.

The United States should never deprive veteran of a military burial. Ever.

Yet, we’re experiencing a slow down at National Personnel Records Center because of COVID 19, but that agency was slow helping veterans before the pandemic too.

Still, the families of veterans are having to pay for private cemeteries because they can’t get the paperwork to bury their loved ones in a state or national cemetery. An earned benefit (story HERE).

It’s taking 11 days to get the paperwork to families to arrange the funeral. That’s entirely too long.

What’s terrible is that many of these veterans were having problems getting their benefits before they passed. It’s atrocious that we continue to let them down even after they’re gone.

And to make matters worse, there are awful numbers of dying vets coming from homes because of COVID. We can’t even protect them from the disease that is the cause of these funerals.

What can we do? That is both a rhetorical question offered out of frustration. And a practical one looking for solutions.

Our elected officials need to figure that out. And they need to hold the designated agencies responsible. And if they can’t, hold the elected officials responsible. You have that power.

It is a crime to deprive our veterans of their good bye, just because we can’t find some documents. Just shameful.

Let’s fix this.

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