Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Bailbondsman or Saul Goodman build

You guys know I love some Call Of Duty Warzone. This is because of the high level of custimization that allows everyone to really build their idea of a perfect warrior and keep the their play style fresh:

This means custom builds.

Today, we’re talking about the Bailbondsman or Saul Goodman build (yeah, I know he’s a lawyer but don’t be a jerk).

“Trapped in the gulag? Better call Saul!”

The play style: You’re purpose is to be ready to buy your teammates back at a moments notice. This means your constantly looting. A lot of times, I won’t even jump into the same area with my team. I’m going to a place where I know I’ll have enough money to buy back my entire quad in the first couple of minutes in the game. And you should always have that minimum in the bank. You also won’t be fighting with this build until the very end. You’re job is to always have the money laying around to bail out your team, or call in a UAV or air strike when needed.

The Loadout:


Double time will help you loot faster, evade enemies, and get to the buy station in a hurry.

Pointman, Ghost, and Hardline could all work here. If you’re playing with some killers get the hardline and enjoy those discounts. If you’re balling with some scrubs, get Ghost and keep looting. Everyone else will likely be dead.

We can also roll with Spotter. All loot is good loot.


I like wearing the Riot Shield on my back for some extra protection. The Sniper Rifle of your choice could also come in handy if you want some flexibility with your role playing and still want to help your team from a distance.

You’ll want to the handgun of your choice for a secondary. You will have to fight at the end of this game (hopefully with a full squad), so get good with it. Everyone has to get their hands dirty eventually.

Have fun! Listen, if you can play this build well, you’re going to be the MVP. I also never turn down a chance to let my teammates know how many of them I’ve bought back in the process. 😉

See you in Verdansk!

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