My warning to fellow veterans: Don’t be manipulated into inauguration day violence

If you’re a veteran who is frustrated with the way things are going I can relate with you. It’s in-part why this blog exists.

The VA is inept. Many of your local communities have failed to help you properly transition back into civilian life. And despite your years of service to this country, a lot of you are struggling and trying to find something to provoke a change.

Any kind of violence on inauguration day won’t help.

It was with great sadness that I watched a lot of our brothers and sisters march on the capitol with some taking it too far and actually storming the building. There were deaths, injuries, and a much damage done to the headquarters of our democracy.

Those actions violated everything we stand for. And those who participated in those attacks were manipulated by conspiracy theories and inaccurate social media traffic that justified what was being done.

Veterans were arrested. And those manipulators are still free.

I urge you to stay away from any inauguration day activities where there may be violence. If you hear of an event that seeks to harm others, report them to the authorities.

Your pain and frustration is real. I struggling right along with you guys.

But preserving the tradition of a peaceful transition is part of the values we all swore to protect when we were the uniform. Nothing should ever change that.

Peaceful activism and actions during election season will always be the the best ways to hold our leaders responsible.

Stay home this week. And lets work to cause change the right way.

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