The Matt Hardy and Private Party angle is happening in real life in gyms all over the world

Right now the legendary Matt Hardy is involved in an angle with Private Party on AEW programming , where he’s the parasitic manager trying to pull every dime possible out of the promising young duo in exchange for fame and success.

While we can sit back and appreciate these three athletes (especially their Being The Elite spots), you guys have to know that this is happening in combat sports gym all over the world in real life.

You’ve got “managers” and “promoters” telling young fighters with any extra money to give it to them, and they’ll go farther than they’ve ever gone before.

The truth is that these guys will pocket that money and give you nothing but big promises in return. And that will be a recurring by the way.

Before you know it, they’ve given these guys thousands of dollars for a few Instagram posts and some kind words, and have gotten a return of investment of zero.

I can appreciate these guys running this story and hopefully educating all of those aspiring young athletes to be on the look out for this kind of manager.

Let’s hope that this story has a happy ending. With Private Party waking up and realizing they don’t need this guy and moving on.

And let’s reflect on the wrestling here. Maybe Matt can find another product and tag against Private Party to conclude the angle. I’ve been watching the Hardy’s for over 22 years, I would like to see Matt show out with Private Party.

And it would teach a valuable lesson as well.

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