Here are five things Joe Biden can do in his first year in the White House to help Orlando

Joe Biden will be the 46th President in a couple of hours. He’s had a long history with Orlando (story HERE).

But he’ll find no shortage of things to do here when he takes office. There are plenty of issues that need attention that have either gotten out of control, or just been plain neglected over the past couple of years.

Most of these issues won’t be a surprise.

Pandemic Recovery: You’ve heard it mentioned plenty of times. The number one priority for all elected leaders, on all levels this year, must be pandemic recovery. Get the vaccine here. Make sure that everyone that needs it, can get it. And then help us get back to our feet and somewhat normal again.

Get transportation moving again
: The last President was supposed to be good for Orlando transportation. He wasn’t. And the last transportation secretary treated Orlando like an afterthought. Now it will be up to the Biden administration and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg to get road, rail, and air projects moving again.

Make tourism feel safe again: This will depend on how the pandemic recovery goes. Let’s hope that this time next year, we’ve made enough progress to make visiting the parks and beaches safe again. And that our visitors can jump on a plane with peace of mind.

Affordable Housing: The local and state leaders haven’t gotten anything done, now this problem continues to fester with only more unaffordable housing taking up space in the tri county area. It’s going to be up to the Biden administration to finally get the wheels moving down here, after years of almost nothing.

College debt solutions and higher education reform: There are a lot of UCF students supporting the ramen noodle industry right now. This because colleges don’t know how to spend money, and have no problem passing on costs to students to supercharge their administrator bonuses. Let’s fix this.

Welcome Mr. President. And good luck.

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