Why Dr. Jill Biden bringing cookies to the National Guard in D.C after the inauguration matters

For the National Guardsman deployed for the inauguration in Washington D.C, it has been anything but a sight seeing mission.

You were vetted by the FBI to ensure you weren’t a domestic terrorist after the riots earlier this month.

You were kicked out of the capitol and had to stage in a parking garage surrounded by hazardous fumes.

And you also may have caught COVID 19 because of the cramped conditions during your stay.

Which is why a small gesture by the new First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, might have been the highlight of your trip.

The First Lady brought cookies to some members of the guard and thanked them for their service.

This made me happy. Let me explain.

This was after the inauguration. After the swearing in. Joe Biden is the President. She is the First Lady.

The administration is riding an early current of good will, and most of the country by focusing on pandemic recovery.

Which means she absolutely did not have to do this. The sun still would have came up the next morning and nothing would have changed.

But she did it anyways. Even though she didn’t have to.

Even if it was a photo opp, it was nice to see some goodwill to these men and women who had to leave their families behind in the middle of a pandemic for a ceremony.

And it was great to see some of them get a moment with the new First Lady.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a relationship where this administration says “thank you” to our bravest brothers and sisters, even when they’re not expected to.

It means a lot.

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