Seminole County should implement mobility fees to get spoiled developers to pay their share

Ladies and gentlemen, developers, the second most protected special interest in Central Florida (tourism, you’re still number 1).

Developers will moan and sigh over every possible condition that looks to make the local economy fair if, it doesn’t directly add to their bottom line. They believe their hefty campaign contributions entitles them to that.

Which is why Seminole County should implement their plans for a mobility fee to get developers to pay their fair share of the cost of business in the region (story HERE).

If you read the article, you’ll notice some repeating trends from the developers that we’ve sen in previous years.

Number 1, a lobbyist is doing the talking for these developers. This is par for the course for these guys.

Secondly, they would sooner raise your taxes than cut into their astronomical profit lines. Even if their fees haven’t been touched in 26 years.

We’ve also got to remember where we’re at. Not in Orange County, where developers run rampant over any area they want. We’re in Seminole County, “The Natural Choice”, that is trying to avoid what they’re neighbors to the south have failed in doing. And that is growing responsibly.

This means looking at was has worked, and what hasn’t worked.

Unchecked growth lead by developers and lobbyists hasn’t worked.

And let’s remember what these developers also stand for. They stand for more cars on the roads. More overcrowded schools. And more strip malls filled with rents that are too high for small business owners, and are filled with more corporate chains.

They stand for everything that is not Seminole County.

Let’s hope commissioners take a stand and finally tell these developers that it’s time for them to start paying their fair share.

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