AEW Dynamite: A prelude to Beach Break and a John Silver showcase

Can we talk about my boy John Silver from Dark Order?

Listen, I’m a Dark Order guy, so I was already on board for the main event between the faction against the AEW/Impact coalition of the Young Bucks and Good Brothers.

While Dark Order sequences are already beautiful, Silver went on a run for the final stretch of that match tonight and the announcers said what everyone else already knows. He’s got a great future ahead of him.

That being said, Dark Order lost (after a strong showing), and it was to advance a great rivalry between the Bucks and the Brothers that has to end in a showdown somewhere.

Next week is Beach Break and there is a lot about this card that I like.

There is that tag team Battle Royal. Are we going to see Bucks vs. Brothers fire up afterwards?

There is that wedding which will almost certainly not go as planned. What will Miro behave as Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford tie the knot? We know he’s not good at weddings. Will Orange Cassidy get involved? If it’s done right, there could be some beautiful chaos on TNT prime time.

Tonight we got to see Britt Baker in action. If you pair up that match we got from Dark last night, that’s twice in one week we got to see our favorite dentist in action. It’s a good deal when you enjoy a star whether their hosting segment like “The Waiting Room” or actually wrestling a match.

Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer was also a fun way to kick off the show.

This AEW product continues to impress. And you know we’ll all be here next week.

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