You can look at the Google Stadia absence here in Orlando and understand why it’s failing

Google Stadia is shutting down it’s in house studios (story HERE) and will be focusing on pushing third party games for it’s streaming format.

Really, we can’t be surprised. But what continues to stick out is how little we hear about Stadia in Central Florida, and really the entire Florida market.

And they’ve never really tried.

We’re constantly bombarded by advertising for XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo. We still value our GameStops (outside of the stock market craziness) and Orlando gamers are slowly starting to trust their PC building skills more.

All of this along with the constant streamer content that we’re watching for hours everyday.

It just doesn’t make sense that Google wouldn’t be more successful. The other dimensions of the Alphabet business do well here.

Google tools involving everything from advertising, to education, to navigation are go-to tools for Orlando consumers.

But they can’t get us to play video games? That is just weird.

I can tell you my own objections.

Their library is just so limited. Stadia can’t give me what I’m seeing everyone else play soon enough. And it’s not developing anything that breaks new ground.

And I’m a financially limited gamer, and If I’m going to make an investment I want it to be with a property that has brought me happiness in the past. That’s likely going to be Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. If I take a risk, you’d better impress me and demonstrate you care about my business.

And I think a lot of you feel the same way.

Is it too late for Google to win with Orlando gamers? I would never rule out Google.

But the only time I hear from Stadia is when something bad is happening. That has to change.

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