Charlie Crist needs to let go dreams of being Governor again

Oh, Charlie Crist. Few Florida politicians have had more drama over the Obama/Trump eras than he has.

Be Governor. Leave Governor’s mansion to run for Senate with hopes of being President. Catch a beat down from Marco Rubio. Change parties. Run for Governor again. Lose to a Rick Scott with shoe-sized approval numbers. Run for congress at home. Finally win.

But Charlie is bored again. And after being Governor and dreaming of the White House. Being a lowly member of congress is kind of a demotion.

And he wants to run for Governor for a third time (story HERE). And that’s a bad idea.

Florida Democrats badly need a win in 2022. The apparatus at Florida Democratic Party has been a joke for years. An incompetent collective of bad ideas and political Twitter gangsters, that have forgotten how to pick up a phone or knock on doors.

Charlie Crist isn’t the one to wake them up. Who is? Any of the three members of Congress here in Orlando would be a better pick. Candidates with new ideas that know how to win. Charlie needs to let one of his colleagues take this one.

Ron DeSantis won despite a Trump mid-term dive. And he’s more popular than Rick Scott was. We can all do the math on this one. This time, they’ll be a forecasted Biden mid term slump. This is a regular cycle.

Don’t get me wrong. Crist running for Governor is something fun to watch. One of the best retail politicians you’ll ever see. He’ll walk into a restaurant with 50 customers and walk out with 52 votes because he probably won over the bartender and dishwasher too.

But his window has passed. And it’s time for someone else to get the opportunity.

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