The Masked Dancer: Strong clues and social media are making the guesses too easy

The first season of the Masked Dancer has been terrfic. And if there is a second season, I’ll probably watch it and blog about it.

But the celebrity guesses have been pretty easy up to this point.

Take the reveal of Oscar De La Hoya as the Zebra on last night’s show. The judges had been tracking that guess for weeks and it turned out to be true.

Last week, we knew that the Hammerhead was a member of the Jersey Shore cast.

And we’re fairly certain that the gifted Tulip is Mackenzie Ziegler.

What are we doing wrong here? A couple of theories.

The clues are too strong: Obviously, the more information we have the easier the guesses are going to get. This may mean we’ll need fewer clues to start out with. And they should eliminate “Word Up”.

The costumes don’t hide enough: Take it easy on this one because I can only imagine how tough it is to design these things. Still, the costumes themselves really play to the styles of the celebrities and even their personalities.

The judges are might just be too good: It seems like Paula Abdul is on the trail of these guys from the jump. You could tie this back to the clues, but the judges have been really strong this season.

Social media buzz: This is a social media show. I’ll watch along with my Twitter feed for ideas too. And they’re often right as well. Look at The Masked Singer and how far back they were tracking Leanne Rimes.

I’m nitpicking here. The show is terrific and I’ll be watching for sure.

But’s let’s be a little more mysterious. Give us another Sarah Palin moment.

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