Whedon vs. Carpenter fight is a sad epilogue for excellent Buffy And Angel TV story

It’s just been a sad week for fans of the classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer series and it’s Angel spinoff, as accusations from former star Charisma Carpenter against show creator, Joss Whedon, have dominated headlines and social media.

Plenty of people are talking about what’s being said. I want to talk about how this controversy should really make fans of both shows just sad.

Growing up with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel was just great.

I remember when Buffy premiered. It had some unknown, a Sarah Michelle something playing Buffy. That was Kristy Swanson’s character from the 1992 film (a lot of people still don’t know that), no one thought it was going to be that good. It had no business being that good.

But the low budget, mid season replacement, would run for seven seasons and even overcome a network jump to deliver great actions scenes, hilarious one liners, and even some genuinely heartbreaking moments that is the formula for what many of these kinds of shows still use today.

And then there was Angel. A darker and tougher to watch show, that took those ingredients and delivered a struggle that complimented its brooding hero and looked to prove that no matter how bad things got, there was always a reason to keep fighting.

It was so good, that they can’t even develop a reboot that wouldn’t offend. Although they’re trying their best to and will eventually succeed.

These shows involve the great things done by so many people. We need to remember their work.

If you’ve never seen these shows, check them out. It has been a long time, so there is a lot of aging there. But there is plenty of charm to let you know what all of the enthusiasm is all about and you’ll have a great time.

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