Mortal Kombat: Trailer isn’t a “flawless victory” but it’s bloody good

Scream it with me. Mortal Kombat!!!

And so it’s been for me since 1992 when I first saw the game at the Magic Kingdom here in Orlando. That’s right. Five minutes after shaking Mickey Mouse’s hand, I got to watch Sub Zero rip someone’s head off.

In 1995, I was also there opening weekend to watch the movie. At the Bricktown Mall in Chicago, and it was a campy good time. The film certainly hasn’t aged well, but for what it was, Mortal Kombat did okay. The sequel that came out two years later was awful.

Which brings us to this latest trailer for Mortal Kombat below. And I’m really hopeful for it. We’re getting some great looking action. The characters all look excellent.

And we’re getting a true gory Mortal Kombat experience. Which is what it’s really all about. That scene with Jax and Sub Zero is terrifying and that’s the way it should be. The stuff with Kano is on brand with the series.

I’m rooting hard for this movie. You can watch the trailer below..

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