25 Years Later: “The Rock” is still one of the best action movies ever made

I’m going to enjoy this one for sure.

That’s because “The Rock”, the action adventure film from Michael Bay, who was just coming off of “Bad Boys”, turns 25 years old this year. And I just can’t say enough about this film. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

As far as a pure action popcorn movie. It’s still one of the best.

The Rock 1996:

Starring: The late great Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage (part of his “big 3” which also included “Con Air” and “Face Off”), and Ed Harris, who is still doing his great work to this day.

Where I saw it: The Altamonte Springs Renaissance, which is torn down but would be just uphill of the current Altamonte Mall movie theater.

Memorable Line: “You’re him. You’re the Rocketman” Stanley Goodspeed before he shoots a rocket into the chest of Tony Todd.

Best scene: So many, but I always pick Humvee vs. Ferrari..

Reviewing the film now: It’s still an “A” from me. This is often called the lost James Bond movie, and Connery gave us so much heart here when he didn’t have to. Cage was just coming off of his “Leaving Las Vegas” Oscar, and is a great “nice guy” here. And Harris as the done-wrong war hero is also powerful.

This was also before Michael Bay got too far gone on us. The flare and low sweeps of his camera work were still new here. The action was so crisp and the film is so lean. Nothing is unnecessary. You walked away from this movie feeling good. You don’t always get that anymore.

And it all holds up pretty good for a 25 year old movie. I just enjoy it so much.

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