“Garage ER” in Tampa is standard VA philosophy for treating veterans in Florida

The Department Of Veterans Affairs regularly puts more efforts in to it’s public relations efforts than treating veterans. This is especially true here in Florida, and since the beginning of the pandemic where clinics have done everything they can to keep those who served this country from entering their facilities.

Such as the “Garage ER” highlighted in this television report from Tampa (story HERE). Where the process for getting seen begins in a parking garage 400 yards away from the facility.

They even admit that it’s not ideal, but they blame it on protocol. The standard response for everything the VA here in Florida doesn’t have an answer for.

But not getting into the facility in Tampa, is quite normal for Florida facilities.

In Orlando, you are constantly urged not to come to the clinic to seek care. They don’t want you there. A state of the art facility we paid for and are not allowed to use.

Instead, wait for them to call you. Just stay and suffer.

This of course is why the VA also doesn’t like oversight. They kicked out members of congress from their facilities and the Executive Director position of the Florida Department Of Veterans affairs has been vacant for months now (link HERE).

They don’t want to see us.

And this frustration is a factor to why suicides for veterans in Florida is among the highest in the country.

It’s because they can’t even get in the building.

I would urge Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and members of the house to investigate.

At least let us in the building.

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