Golden Globes ratings were low this year due to tough competition and unknown movies

Well, the Golden Globes didn’t do that well this year in the ratings. In fact they did pretty bad (story HERE).

But we have reasons. Let’s not waste anytime.

There was a lot of competition
: The Globes went up opposite of American Idol, NCIS, Batwoman, and a new Walking Dead. The line up was stacked. It’s tough to pull a share in all of that noise.

No one knows these movies and TV shows: Be honest. How many of these Best Picture nominees have you watched? You had a couple of beers or glasses of red and watched Borat. That was the extent of your awards scouting. Mank was dull. Ted Lasso was wonderful but on Apple TV, which means you probably haven’t watched it. Don’t worry it’s not your fault.

No real red carpet or hype: A full and lively red carpet hooks viewers at the beginning of the evening. We really didn’t get that this year. The fashion bloggers were kind of on the sidelines this year.

The negative energy surrounding all of the awards show scene right now: A lot of viewers don’t want to deal with controversy and these days all of the awards show have it in one way or another.

We’re tired of Zoom: Tina Fey nailed it. This could have all been an email this year. Instead we had glitches and our emotional acceptance speeches were blunted by the same video conference environment we’ve had while locked up all year.

The Golden Globes had low ratings this year because the Golden Globes weren’t any good this year. I love it when the TV and Movie worlds collide but it wasn’t the same this year.

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