Call Of Duty Warzone: What to do when you love LMGs but you also know they’re no good

Light Machine Guns or LMGs. The Bacon Cheese Fries of Call Of Duty Warzone.

You enjoy them. But in the long run, they eventually get you killed.

Listen, besides my Riot Shield (which will also get you killed in quads), I love carrying an Overkill loadout with two LMG fitted with the two largest drums I can find. Almost enough to kill every bleeping player on the map. And I spray that thing until I run out.

I bring the ruckus.

But I often get killed in close quarters. Damn SMGs and ARs. And if I’m final 25, I know I’m going to have to grab one of those off of corpse because an LMG in the final circle just isn’t any good.

But here are some tips that help me win with the LMG on rare occasions.

Remember it’s a laser: When you start firing it, don’t stop until something is dead. You won’t win the draw with a smaller weapon. Find a group and move it from enemy to enemy. Walk it to where you want to go.

Keep the game in front of you: Play the gas. I’m a slow player anyways. But I’m especially slow with LMGs. This will create more opportunities for you to find a group sleeping.

Don’t let them get out of the car: LMGs will melt vehicles. Once you lay into one, don’t stop until it’s destroyed. And if they do get out, start walking your bullets again.

Mind your peripheral vision: When I don’t die in close quarters, only a shifting sniper will get me. Keep an eye out for glint. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Keep moving: When your laser is discovered, move. And then start making it rain all over again. Create different shots. Make them think it’s two people. If you keep the game in front of you, you should do well.

My choices for LMGs: If I have to win. I’m going for the PKM or Stoner. If I’m having fun, it’s the M60. It’s wildly inaccurate but it will make your enemies think the world is ending.

Have fun!

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