Orange County Commission should eliminate unfair I-Drive Tax District in Orlando

No one loves giving your money away here in Orlando to the tourism district more than Orange County Commissioners. And they’ve been doing it for years with the International Drive Community Redevelopment area. A carve out for your tax dollars that doesn’t go in a general fund where everyone gets to benefit from it, but a special tax group that helps fund projects for a very particular area (story HERE).

County Commissioners have a chance to do something about it. They have the chance to craft policy that would allow other areas that aren’t seeing a return of investment form their money get a fair share.

But they won’t.

The truth is that Orange County just can’t seem to enjoy giving preferential treatment the tourism industry enough. They love giving multi billion dollar organizations like Disney and Universal even more of your money for their projects. They love giving the tourism agency here in Orlando millions of dollars to do nothing. They produce some pretty videos and cuts some artsy graphics and that’s about it.

But getting back to this tax district, Orange County politicians want to extend this policy to 2040 and give them another quarter of a billion dollars.

This, during a time when we can’t find places to live because they also support unaffordable housing.

This, while they also nurture an industry that underpays their workers.

This, while they contemplate raising taxes for other transportation projects.

And this, while each of these Orange County Commissioners and Mayor make big bucks from the money they take from your wallet.

The ability of this group of Orlando politicians to manage to offend everyone across the political spectrum is remarkable.

Just another day for politicians in Orange County, Florida

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