Call Of Duty Warzone: The End Of Game hack is real, it happened to me

Listen, I love my fellow gamers, but I’ve heard it all. And every other day, we hear about something wild going on with Call Of Duty Warzone or some other major game in the market.

But wow, one of these hacks actually jumped me and ruined my game.

I’m talking about the end of game hack in Call Of Duty Warzone where hackers can end the game whenever they feel like it.

And yeah, I’m late, but I’m not a pro. I game because I like it. And still fell victim to this hack.

So, I was in random quads (I don’t have the time to play as often I wish I could) and one of my teammates lags out. The second one gets killed, loses his gulag and dips. And the third one, who was killed within the first minute of landing is talking trash in my ear.

“You’re picking up the riot shield. That sucks!” (Don’t say that about my baby..story HERE).

Despite being alone, I’ve made it to the top 25 and I’m getting ready to make a weak attempt at being competitive when…

The game just ends..

We see a replay of some kill, and that’s that.

Now here is the weird part. I thought I actually saw an animation that said “hack” on it.

Is that weird? Am I alone? Who knows?

Still, it’s another example of trying to figure out why this happens with a brand as successful as Call Of Duty.

I love it. I’m not going to stop playing it or anything, but I wonder why these vulnerabilities exist when you have that many resources at your disposal.

My business/political background starts to consider possibilities.

Anyways. I’m running long. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

Still love Warzone!

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