Call Of Duty Warzone: The numbers on the back of the Riot Shield actually lead to this

You guys know that on Call Of Duty Warzone, I’m a Riot Shield guy. I’ve been using it so long that it’s second nature to me at this point, I seldom use anything else (story HERE).

So it was shameful for me to be playing the game this week and realize that I don’t know what the jargon printed on the back of the shield actually means. I figure it could just be some random stuff thrown up there by the developers, but I’m an RS true believer.

And wouldn’t you know it, they actually lead somewhere.

If you Google the model number and parts number on the back of the shield it will actually take you to…

A real life Riot Shield (story HERE).

The Paulson Heavy BS 9 Riot Shield to be exact.

It’s a neat Easter egg for you COD fans out there. I wonder if Warzone sees any kind of affiliate commission from any of those it can sell by that model number.

Anywho, it’s pretty funny. I’ll see all of you in Verdansk.

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