Call Of Duty Warzone: How to beat a Riot Shield, from a guy who lives behind one

If you guys read this blog on a regular basis, you know that I live for The Call Of Duty Riot Shield. I’ve been playing with one for over a decade when it’s in the game. From MW2 to Warzone, it’s all I use when I’m serious about winning.

I’ve showed you guys my loadout (story HERE) and have told you my story (link HERE).

One thing we haven’t talked about is how to beat me. Let’s do that today.

Here we go.

Call for back up: If you’re playing duos, trips, or quads, just call for help. Don’t fight me alone. You’re probably going to lose. But I can’t beat two guys who know where I am. The shield only covers one side.

Thermite: Stick me with it and it’s over. It’s ridiculous how brilliant RS specialists can be only to be defeated with an easy stick. But it’s true. A molly or C4 can also work, but the margin for error is even less.

Expect a stun: Stun < Attack < Finish. It's how we live. If you get stunned keep your barrel straight and back away. When we rush, light us up. Wait until we get to open space: I work out of a kill room where I can entertain effortlessly. If you know I’m in there, just wait for the gas to force me out and kill me then.

As a last resort, rush left and start jumping and firing: A fast player with an SMG can beat me like this sometimes, and a novice shield player won’t be able to keep up.

So, there it is.

Respect the Riot Shield!

And I’ll see you in Promenade West!

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