Bill Maher defends Ron DeSantis on HBO over his handling of the pandemic

Two weeks after being the subject of a 60 Minutes piece on CBS that was critical of his handling of vaccines (story HERE), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received praise from Bill Maher last night during “Real Time” on HBO.

Maher addressed some raunchy Florida stereotypes before saying that DeSantis was taking better care of seniors in Florida better than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who’s been involved in a controversy regarding his treatment of nursing home cases during the pandemic.

The DeSantis segment starts at 3:55

Maher also goes after Florida resident and former President Donald Trump later in the segment with critical words regarding Trump’s philosophy on bleach in treating the Coronavirus.

Twitter didn’t take kindly to the host’s complimentary words of DeSantis, nor his interview on the show with Sharon Osbourne. Osbourne was recently fired from CBS and “The Talk” for her defense of Piers Morgan, who was insensitve of Meghan Markle’s interview Oprah Winfrey, in which she revealed she considered harming herself because of treatment she received from the administration surrounding the royal family.

Here at home, DeSantis has also been criticized for his indifference regarding the Florida Department Of Health keeping data away from Orange County (story HERE).

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