AEW Blood And Guts was amazing… but again that finish

Kudos to Tony Kahn and the guys for putting together another ace episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT with this “Blood And Guts” edition. As usual it was top tier primetime wrestling. And of course it was free.

I’m leading with that because while AEW continues to do mostly everything wonderfully, the closing shot of Blood and Guts was Chris Jericho laying on cardboard.

MJF pulled off a wonderful hostage finish threatening to throw his former bestie off of the cage and getting the win for The Pinnacle. Like any true heel would, he threw him off anyways and Jericho took a soft landing on some cardboard boxes.

Once again, AEW would have been better with less.

I’m talking of course about the exploding ring match that ended with sparklers and social media laughing. Even though the rest of the contest between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley was first class on The Revolution Pay Per View earlier this year.

This time MJF should have thrown Jericho off, and they once again should have cut to black. Keep the cardboard for the crowd, but let the rest of the national TV audience wonder what happened.

We’re splitting hairs here. This was a great match.

But they’ve got to nail those endings.

Still, you know we’ll all be here next week. Great work AEW!

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