Movie Review: “Silo” demonstrates the scary reality of grain entrapment

The term “grain entrapment” might not sound familiar to you, or even scary, but after watching “Silo”, there is a good chance that you won’t forget what a tragic accident grain entrapment can be in the farming industry.

That’s what this film sets out to do and it succeeds.

When young Cody falls into the top of a pile of corn currently being stored in a silo, we’re introduced to the quick sand nature of the substance in such an environment. It can engulf a farmer in seconds and crush his body the deeper it goes. It has occurred on a frequent basis in the farming industry for years. The small town must rally around Cody’s mom, Valerie, to find a way to rescue him in time.

Director Marshall Burnette does his most important job with this film very well. He educates and frightens us. This is a terrible way for someone to go, and the fact that there are people trying to feed us while risking this fate won’t be forgotten anytime you see a silo in the future.

While it’s tough picking on a scrappy, smaller film like this one, it does lack polish. At a brisk 76 minutes, it still stretched out quite a bit. The writing is uneven and editing is a little on the rougher side. There just seems to be a second of lag at different parts of the film. Still, we can tell this isn’t a big Hollywood project and it should be weighed that way.

The suspense is there. You’ll get invested. And you’ll care how this movie ends. “Silo” works.



Running time: 76 minutes

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