Call Of Duty Warzone: Life for Cargo Truck players after the nerf

Love my “Big Berthas”. But not for the reason you probably think. My primary game of Warzone is quads, no-fill, because I like playing against groups, but don’t like rando teammates.

Berthas or cargo trucks are often an equalizer. But they can take a lot of punishment and people do exploit them.

Now, after a nerf, we’ve got less cargo trucks. And the ones we do have are far less durable. This was done primarily for solos, where you can essentially win a game with a Bertha alone.

So what are the “Wheelman” players supposed to do?

The truth is not much.

You can’t hunt anymore with a truck. You’ll have to slow your play style, which for some, might be enough to just give up on them altogether. Especially, your “rush teams” of quads that fly up to a house and can wipe a whole enemy squad in less than 30 seconds.

The most effective use of the truck after the recent nerf is actually what the developers intended. Transportation.

Get in. Pick a place. Get out.

And you’re better off stopping short. If you push into an occupied space with a cargo truck, you’re probably “going to get got”, and when you have to bail, you’re leaving yourself exposed.

Still, ending positively, this might be a good time to explore other vehicles. If trucks are no longer durable weapons, then the tactical rover becomes a good option for flying around the map as a missle.

There will be life for players now that Bertha isn’t what she used to be. We’ll just have to be more creative.

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