Damian Lillard calls to leave Portland get louder after latest failed heroics against Nuggets

Another epic playoff performance from Damian Lillard, another painful Portland Trailblazers loss because of missing support.

That’s what the world saw on Tuesday as Lillard sunk two clutch shots in a 55 point performance to send the Blazers into multiple overtimes against the Denver Nuggets, only to watch his teammates fail him and the fans when it mattered most.

Fans were sympathetic of course, but many renewed their calls for Lillard to push his way out of Portland..

Those are only dreams right now. Lillard has repeatedly chose Portland over other cities. He owns that town and they love him back.

And as someone who writes this blog from one of the smaller NBA markets in Orlando, you’d hate to see it. It’s not often towns outside of Los Angeles and New York can lure a talent to their market and convince that talent to stay. Lillard in Portland. Giannis in Milwaukee. Not too many others.

But eventually the calls to win become deafening, and that will only make games like last night harder for superstars like Damian Lillard.

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