Call Of Duty Warzone: “The Wrath Of Man” Jason Statham “H” build

Months before Call Of Duty gave us Rambo, I already had a build on him (story HERE) along with James Bond and others.

And while they’re going to be focusing on the 80s, I think I’ll go more modern.

More specifically, for Jason Statham’s “H” character from this new film “Wrath Of Man” (which I recommend).

Playstyle: This build actually syncs with the Most Wanted challenge that is pretty hot on Warzone right now. Get a Cargo Truck or Humvee, a Most Wanted, and avoid the hijackers. Now, “H” isn’t really scared of hijackers but be smart when picking your fights.

Perks: We’re going to go with Quick Fix for the unstoppable H along with High Alert and Battle Hardened. This guy hides from no one.

Weapons: H loves his pistols. While he uses a stripped down Glock or X16 in the film, you might need to trick it out a little to stay competitive. We also see him use a Street Sweeper and AK-47 along the way that will keep you alive much longer.

For your lethal and tactical equipment, we see H using a knife in the film and for the tactical, you’ve got some flexibility. I went with the smoke grenades because blinding the drivers was an important tactic in the film.

This Wrath Of Man Build will be challenging. Everyone is going after you, a fearless killer with minimal weapons, won’t be an easy play through. But for H, a fearles man consumed with revenge, you might really enjoy it.

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