Cruise lines a talked big game, threatening to leave Florida, but here they are

When cruise lines threatened to leave Florida last month because they didn’t like the way we were handling pandemic recovery, I got annoyed. This is because Florida, and our major ports in the Canaveral, Tampa, and Miami areas have been carrying the entire industry for years (story HERE).

This wasn’t because of the vaccination push they were supporting, it’s because they decided to issue their threats on a stock earnings call after being silent for months before. This wasn’t about shots in arms. This was about flexing for investors. They also issued these threats after the state decided to file a lawsuit against the CDC to allow them to sail.

Yet, here most of them are. Actually bringing more ships into port. And some cruise lines are scheduling testing cruises as the rest continue planning their post pandemic return to the seas.

But we always knew these threats were shallow. Florida anchors (sorry) the cruise industry and is a gateway to the entire Caribbean. The Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, none of that is happening without us.

They also need our workers, and when they threatened to ditch us, they threatened to ditch them too. That is certainly not right and they know it.

But like Thanos in The Avengers. We’re still here waiting for them to come crawling back.

“You could not deal with your own failure. Where did that bring you?.. Back to me.”

Brutal but warranted.

Don’t threaten us after we’ve held you up for so many years. Now lets get back to sailing.

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