Orange County Billboard vaccine campaign gets it right by saying shot is “FREE”

As Orlando continues trying to fight vaccine hesitancy, it’s latest billboard campaign in Orange County finally hits the nail right on the head.

It emphasizes the shot is free.

A lot of people in the community don’t realize that.

And in Orlando, which has terrible affordable housing conditions, insulting low wages, and and is trying to tax it’s own citizens after failing to address public transportation (story HERE). That is important.

A lot of our residents can’t afford to take time off. They can’t afford the rent. The possibility of an unexpected cost from a shot means the lights might not stay on that month. You can thank your local politicians for that.

But while Orlando and Orange County elected leaders have gotten a lot wrong. This vaccination operation has not been one of them.

It’s effective and it’s convenient.

And yes, it’s free.

Get your shots!

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