Kudos to Orange County Commissioners for limiting I-Drive special interest charity.. Kinda

The International Drive CRA, a carve out of your tax dollars that must go to improvements in the terribly underprivileged and blighted area of the convention district is on borrowed time (story HERE).

That’s sarcasm.

International Drive doesn’t need help. Which is why Orange County Commissioners were right to expand the use of those dollars to other areas in that community. This includes affordable housing and economic development.

Kinda. These kinds of special exceptions for I-Drive executives are still going to have a place in the budget for years to come. But it’s a move in the right direction.

And we also have to free up more money for diversified means. The time for this special interest spending has to end.

We shouldn’t have carve outs when our residents can’t afford their rent. Heck, a lot of them can’t even afford to get to work (story HERE).

Also, they’re not hurting for money on International Drive. They never have. Anyone who knows Orlando understands that the convention center is the true money maker here in the region. Hotel night stays that churn our tourism development tax revenues and visitor spending that supports our local businesses and vendors all have plenty of support heading their way.

Things down the street in Tangelo Park aren’t so great. Orlando residents are struggling. This is why we’re doing this.

Orange County Commissioners would have been in the right if they decided to slam the brakes on this special interest spending sooner.

But we take the support where we can find it.

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