Orange County shouldn’t be raising trash fees…again

In years of following the tri county local governments here in the metropolitan Orlando area, I’m amazed at how something as simple as picking up garbage could get out of hand.

We can never forget how simply changing the days of pickup in Orange County threw the region off of it’s routine and led to an uproar from customers, in part due to haulers forgetting their routes, and large appliances sitting on curbs for months at a time (link HERE).

Now, Orange County Commissioners could be preparing to raise fees for the third time in as many years (story HERE). This board just can’t seem to get enough money out of it’s residents.

The money is supposed to go to higher disposal fees, but apparently that money isn’t getting back to the people actually doing the work because, they have an employee shortage. And that shortage is being cited on “low pay”.

So these increases are going to line the suit pockets of some executive in the process. Who is happy to raise prices as a region with no affordable housing and low wages in their own regard, tries to recover from the pandemic. With their own workers actually picking up the garbage included.

Forgive the bad puns, but that trashy behavior, stinks.

County Commissioners need to start asking tougher questions on why they can’t seem to get garbage pick up right. And they need to demand answers on why the extra revenues their sucking out of their residents isn’t even enough to recruit the workers needed to do the job.

Or else Orange County residents will start looking to recycle some of these leaders with residents who won’t go for the easy fix and taking money out of their pockets.

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