Internet trolls attacked Nikki Fried for a moment of politeness to Ron DeSantis amidst Surfside tragedy

Some Florida political social media trolls are the absolute worst.

This morning in a tweet, Commissioner of Agriculture and candidate for governor, Nikki Fried, thanked a list of fellow leaders and departments for their help with the Surfside building tragedy.

Among that list, was her potential future opponent, Governor Ron DeSantis.

The rabid internet trolls couldn’t wait to attack her and they should all be ashamed.

What these psychopaths won’t acknowledge is that even President Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis have spoken and exchanged well wishes for those who are suffering now in Surfside. Real leaders know when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to work together.

Down the road, Nikki may very well be critical of the Governor. But when there are people dying under the rubble of a building collapse, a moment of kindness shouldn’t bother anyone.

And if it does, you’re just a terrible excuse for a human being.

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