Osceola County condos never should have been allowed to be unsafe in the first place

Today, 72 condominiums in Osceola County were declared “unsafe”. The news broke as rescuers continued searching through the remains of the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, which has claimed over a dozen lives with about 150 still missing (story HERE).

A lot of blame to go around here. And a lot of lazy incompetence.

How did we get to the point where 72 condos were found to be unsafe? This is leading to points of neglect for everyone involved including property managers, maintenance crews, and Osceola County officials.

Greedy real estate interests are also at fault.

What kind of person or group do you have to be to be collecting rent on unsafe homes? Absolutely terrible.

And we can’t turn away from the fact that this is going on in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. Not only were people paying to live in these unsafe buildings, but they’re breaking their backs to keep their families at home there.

I’ve already said that condos everywhere in the greater Orlando area should be inspected after the Surfside tragedy, these are just the defective units we’re finding out about, what about the buildings that may be in violation that we don’t know about?

My heart goes out to all of those residents who have been ripped off over there. We’re seeing a terrible trend with property owners in Osceola County, another community couldn’t even have their water turned on after management didn’t pay the bill (story HERE).

And now they’re staying in buildings that are unsafe. Everyone in that equation needs to be ashamed of themselves.

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