Greedy Orlando landlords have exploited renters to new highs

The Orlando housing market continues to rise to new heights in exploiting renters, as greedy landlords continue to get rich, while local elected leaders do nothing.

According to a report in the hometown paper (story HERE) rent increased almost 14% since last year.

This with an average price of over $1,500 per unit.

One person interviewed is paying $1,043 for a one bedroom apartment. There are studios being rented downtown for $1,600.

That’s just plain shameful.

And it’s happening just after Orlando was once again last nationwide in wages (story HERE).

We’re in the worst place for rent and housing in the country, that happens to be in the same location where they pay the least.

You might be asking yourself how we got here.

Really, blame your local elected officials. Both parties. From your local city government, to Tallahassee, to Washington D.C, they’ve all been asleep at the switch, or looking the other way while this has been happening.

And nothing is changing. And nothing is going to change because these landlords and politicians think we’re weak.

The course of action remains the same. Don’t stop talking about the issues around you and hold your lawmakers responsible. Get involved.

If you’re not being paid a fair wage, start looking for another job, find it, and leave.

And finally, if these parasitic landlords aren’t holding up their side of the lease, then take them to court. We’ve got condos in Osceola where the management isn’t paying the water bill, and some units had to be evacuated because they weren’t safe (story HERE).

It won’t get better unless you want it to get better.

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