“We Accept EBT” is the new rally call for Orlando retail and a hurting community

Naturally, when you have a community that is last in the nation in wages paid (story HERE) and is also one of the worst places in the country for affordable housing (story HERE), you’ll have residents that struggle.

It’s not they’re fault. They’re just being exploited at both ends of their livelihood by their employers and landlords. They’re not being paid enough money to pay their rent. We can all do the math.

You throw in a world changing pandemic and it’s just a nightmare for them.

This is why we’re seeing more and more retailers in the greater Orlando area advertise that they’re accepting EBT or Electronic Benefits Transfer for SNAP recipients.

What used to be a small sign at the entrance or at the register is now on the marquis in front of stores.

While it’s terrible that families are being forced to live this way, it should also be a reminder of something else.

Our elected leaders, on all levels, from both parties, have failed us.

They’re the ones that have set up this “can’t win” system that is designed to help campaign donors rip off their employees and tenants.

In the land of the $1,600 studio and $20,000 used car, what else should we expect?

This is also an important time to realize that this is the wrong answer to our problem.

We should be trying to lift up this community with opportunities through economic diversification. Everyone is in favor of fair work for fair wages, but Orlando big business isn’t keeping up their side of the bargain. That has to change.

Or else we’re only going to see the amount of our EBT dependent residents go up. And let’s remember that the people they elected to office were complicit to putting them there.

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